[VACANCY] INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNT MANAGERS INDUSTRYWe are looking to employ 2 part-time industry account managers for our international operations of KommaGlobal

– For promoting a full line of pumps and motors for our Indian client, worldwide

– For finding investors and partners in Europe for a large fabricator in the Middle East

You will be working at our office 7 hours/day for 2 – 3 days a week, supported and guided by our experienced marketing staff

Your role:

• Reaching the targets and goals set by means of email and phone calls

• To prepare quotations and keep CRM system up to date with all relevant prospect, quote and inquiry information

• To monitor and actively follow up on submitted quotations

• Reporting to the management team

• Communicate with principals/suppliers

• Market research is also part of the daily activities

Your profile:

• A higher vocational education (bachelor) in a technical field, such as mechanical engineering

• At least five years of experience in a similar role in a technical trade-based organisation

• Effective communication and negotiation skills

• English required and preferably German and Spanish

• Preferably based in the Rotterdam region

CV to be sent to: info@kommatrade.com (Attention Mr Peter van der Sman)

KommaGlobal – Global Marketing Office for Manufacturers in Engineering Industry


Recently we have started a new activity. We are now acting as the global marketing office for several companies, whose professional follow-up and research capacities were insufficient.

For this we have employed experienced account managers with a proven success record. Each of them is a specialist in sales and marketing skills for the mechanical and process industry trade.

In a fully equipped new setting they will spend many hours to make and keep personal contact with existing and potential buyers around the world. This is a typical person to person focused approach.

Typical for the Dutch with centuries of long trading history and best communication abilities this new innovative approach will set new standards in industrial marketing. Small as we are, please observe that the Netherlands is the fifth largest exporter in the world.

Our new account managers will be assisted by a matured team of consultants with a vast thirty years of global experience. And much more: our specialization in typical engineering related marketing is supported by exclusive databases and sources of key-people in this sector, as well as a big and carefully maintained LinkedIn audience of more than 19,000 followers around the world. Our own web-directory www.kommatrade.com is another invaluable marketing channel to be mentioned.


Attention Mr Peter van der Sman

Email: info@kommatrade.com

Also have a look at my LinkedIn profile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/petervandersman/) and join our KommaGlobal group.

Introduction To My New Set up Business – KommaGlobal

Through our many contacts with manufacturers all over the world, we were triggered to start a new venture in international promotion. This is called KommaGlobal and conforms to the wishes these companies had vented for many years.

As specialists in engineering marketing for the mechanical and process industry, we restrict the new services to these sectors.


We have formed a team of account managers to perform unique sales, marketing and research activities for our principals.

Drawing on the experience, vast databases, intelligence services and commercial skills already within our company, our existing team supports the new account managers with valuable information to make their conduct highly effective.

With this new service, we are acting on the forefront of today’s industrial marketing. That is applying digital techniques, keeping up with the latest commercial insights and promoting our principals in ourselves developed audience. (LinkedIn with 19.150 followers)


We are Niche Marketing Specialists for your Engineered Products

With many years of global export experience in the mechanical engineering sector, we have advanced to the latest digital methods and implement the newest marketing procedures.

Our engineers, researchers and digital experts form a close team to understand your wishes and guide you on the path to success with odd, highly specialised or rare products on offer.

The present market situation requires extreme efforts from marketers. Creativity and the logical thinking of engineers do not always match to form a successful team.

See our digital web directory www.kommatrade.com with a variety of services around this platform; such as Export Training, Counselling, Buyer Search and Website Traffic Advice. We will serve you as a professional focused external marketing team.

The complexity of your assignment will be a challenge for us; exceeding our boundaries.

You will benefit from the experience we have in many sectors.

Join us on this specialised KommaTrade portal to enhance your marketing reach and find the right purchasers for your products.

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The exports of engineered goods to developed markets is very limited

“Take” depicts a movement that needs someone to take the lead and “playground” refers to a place where you can obtain a lot of benefits, but competitive.

First, let us take a look at the current export situation in India. We see export-oriented units in the country. That was a good sign and initiative. Yet people behind these companies are real pioneers who should be awarded for their efforts. However, even the big conglomerates are not able to succeed or have not tried to export so far. Soon with all the capital behind them, they may find themselves too late to be successful and share export revenues.

We see a few, but far too little, middle-sized companies with a clear vision penetrating into the world export markets. Others open their own or joint-venture operation in the US or Europe, soaring for several years and consuming a lot of invested money for the company’s management who dared to take the risk. Let me give you two examples of such well managed and successful exporting companies. See INOXVA – www.inoxva.com and ELGI – www.elgi.com I am afraid that these excellent companies have too few followers.

What are the reasons that the engineering industry cannot make a substantial contribution to the growth of India’s economy? It can be explained by the timeline of the country, decades ago when Indian companies lived in a protected environment with great barriers to entry and were able to get away with any quality of product they produced, the product quality was very low due to the lack of competition. It had initially generated a bad impression of all that India offered. After 1990, liberalization happened and the competition grew. The companies improved the quality. However, the need for long-term investment in R&D is still not happening. Very few companies have started this effort on a small scale while a majority of them was too busy keeping up with fast-changing technologies. The desire itself also plays a role. Unlike a lot of other countries, India has a huge domestic market. The logistics, together with the risks associated with exports weaken their wish to export.

There are many obstacles still to take, but also many virtues and opportunitiesbegging to be utilized. India, with its British heritage, closer culture habits to Europeans and Americans and most importantly the ability to communicate is still not making headways. Should the Prime Minister – Mr Modi, in all his wisdom and with his experience, not revamp the existing and corroded institutions for export promotion? Meanwhile India’s independency is a lifetime underway and the economy is growing with the second largest pace in the world. The country can only sustain if more revenue is earned from export income. More interestingly, the quality has drastically upgraded. I have never seen more companies adhering to certifications standards rigorously as in India. But does the world know that? Now ideas and opinions have turned. Is the Western world afraid that this giant India will permanently take over, like the Chinese industry has done in the recent past for consumer goods?

Forgive me that I am narrow minded and only look at the industrial development of India. But the copying phase is long over and if India wants to deserve a place in technology in the present world, much has to be mobilized and fast. Innovation is the key word, but that is still a faraway goal for India’s industry it seems.

Vision and structure are needed first, but who takes the lead? Does that need the promotion by foreigners like me? I hope not!!! Let us hope that the masses of intelligent people in IT, who will soon be made redundant, can be reshaped to make a creative contribution to industrial development. That pool of superfluous young people is my best hope for the future of the country. I know that the majority of India still needs to be brought to a reasonable existence level first, but the money needed for that transition should come from somewhere. Most of my friends in India will soon retire, like me. Their export pioneering experience should not get wasted.

But nobody has any plans to popularize India and that is urgently needed. Don’t leave it to your government, its associations or any institution. It needs private initiative for the sake of all, but where to start.

Probably we have to organize export master classes or webinars together for the younger successors in Indian industry. Think along the experience and inputs of your learning lessons of the past. It must be made possible to mobilize experienced people, address these problems and take action.

My function is only as a distant observer and well-wisher, meeting many industrialists and bureaucrats alike. However, with almost thirty years of export experience for the Indian industry’s exports, I would still make a contribution to give Indian industry the “playground” the country deserves.

Take a share of India’s growth! Be there!

We have several stories of successful recent cooperations and joint-ventures with dedicated Indian entrepreneurs. So far we have been promoting Indian industry with our web directory www.kommatrade.com , but our focus has diverted due to these successes. India is definitely a market to be present. Changes in today’s government, ease international collaborations for mid-sized companies and allows them to take a chunk of the cake.

* GDP growth in percentages

Knowing hundreds of good, better and qualified entrepreneurs in the engineering manufacturing sector for years, we can search, filter, assess and verify the right candidate for a close cooperation. Whether for a joint-venture, alliance, acquisition or merger; leave the selection to our team of experts and agents, who know the companies inside and out.

This offer is a result of the activities in and for India in the last three decades. Nowadays through our web directory www.kommatrade.com and strategic alliance portal www.kommanet.nl we have a strong foothold in this emerging country.

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Secure your future source with a partner in India

India is a fast moving market with an annual growth rate of 7,5 % . Under the present government, the infrastructure is drastically improving. More companies have adjusted to the global quality, health and safety standards. All good reasons for you to be there and benefit from the emerging market opportunities.

Make use of our guidance, recommendations and support with thirty years of experience in finding the right partners in India. This can be to outsource to professional producers, to export your products or both.

Enter the future with the following example from our portfolio:

More of such products can be found on http://generalmachinetools.com/. GMT is one of the prime members on our KommaTrade platform. GMT is open for a close business collaboration as a reliable partner.

This Indian company has the infrasructure, all the skills and abilities to be your partner for future supplies in CNC machined parts from their own foundry.

You can find their profile and many others on our web directory www.kommatrade.com

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